DIGITAL TEACHING –A blessing or curse?

Technology made our life’s easy no doubt. It has also increased our productivity. Saves our valuable time and energy. Technology has its effect on every aspect of our daily lives including our work, our daily routine, education etc.

This is year 2021, where technology is at its best and still improving day by day. And on the other hand, we are still not over with the pandemic, world is facing i.e. COVID-19.

Covid-19 situation had impacted our lives in a severe way. It has disrupted social as well as economic environment in the most devasting way. People were asked to isolate themselves from all their daily requirements including shopping, going to markets, visiting cinema halls, attending any type of social gatherings, and most important going out to learn something such as attending colleges and schools.

Technology has proven to be a blessing in this time of crisis .Whether it may be connecting isolated people via video calls and giving each other hope or ordering something online when you cant go outside to buy stuff .Humans has this really amazing quality of finding alternatives for their survival in hard times .Companies earning revenues , while working from home and connecting with teammates via video conferencing.

When it comes to educating people digitally, we were well acquainted with the idea of distance learning or gaining knowledge via google or YouTube when needed. But when the pandemic situation knocked our doors, we were still in doubts of how to overcome this.

How could students gain and enhance their knowledge without stepping out of their houses and without wasting their important years of life? how could teachers connect with students and spread knowledge with the young generation sitting indoors and without keeping their lives at stake?

In that crucial situation, nothing but technology came up as a life saver. it was the only easy, safe, and available option we could have relied on for our education. Of course, adopting a completely new idea as an alternative to traditional teaching was tough in the beginning but eventually everyone got comfortable with it.

We faced a lot of issues initially whether it may be lack of availability of technology in the remote and poor areas, bad network connection , interruptions during the classes .figuring out various aspects as how to provide  students study material, making them understand all the concepts online and software used for conferencing has various limitations as well.

On the other hand, we figured it all such as teachers providing documented study material, preparing interesting exam papers. Teachers are also trying to make the study sessions it more interactive and engaging for students. parents can also keep an eye on their wards, while they are attending their classes without worrying about their safety and missing out of their right if education.

Some schools are also providing recorded lectures ,where they can access it anytime of the day .it also saves energy , time and resources as you can gain your education sitting at one place and without travelling for miles and hours.

Digital education is also making students aware of the technology and preparing them from a very competitive future, where technology will be on its best. digital education is promoting students to be educated and technically sound.

This knowledge of technology is also an education that can turn students to better working professionals ready for tomorrow’s world.

Digital education also opens doors for students to not limit their zest of acquiring knowledge to a particular limit and we can explore topics of our interest globally to widen our horizons of knowledge.

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