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Space X an American aerospace and space research giant is putting its vision towards future and initializing their research and space program to accomplish that vision, as Elon Musk is a sole mind who not only think out of the box but believes in making dreams come true.

Even after unsuccessful test of SN9 star ship which resulted in explosions, despite of all the setbacks SPACE X came up with the test launch of SN10 which was conducted on 4 march 2021 10 a.m. EST (1500 GMT or 9 a.m. local time) at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The launch took place and it was witnessed by the world, but this time Space X achieved something far greater, as launch took place and star ship approached to the height of around of 10km approximately 32000 feet and then started to proceed to its next level that to land back on the land surface.

As it is nearly impossible for any of the spacecraft around the world to think something so miraculous, because the bottom burners at lower limit of space craft makes it difficult for it to land on its bottom safely, but SN10 surely is the output of Space X ultimate research and hard work and what more can you expect when you put this much effort into something.

That is what happened when SN10 star ship started to land on the surface slowly. It took its appropriate position, initialising the landing, slowly it started to take the position and star ship landed. But everything did not go well as star ship exploded several minutes after landing on the port.

But even though the success is not attained yet, we can definitely count on it as a step towards future and Space X has several projects lined up, they are planning to work on, in the near future. Pocket starship is also set for the mission and mars mission. In the initial years of its research Space X built around 11 prototypes, and till date the big stainless-steel giant space craft rose up to around 6.2 miles above the ground and almost spend time of 6 minutes and 20 seconds in air.

Elon Musk explained in a tweet why did star ship exploded? According to him star ship was going a little too fast when it landed. Musk also added that 10 m/s speed crushed the legs and parts of skirt and assured that this fill be fixed with other changes in next SN11 star ship.

Elon Musk’s next generations of rockets are taking shape day by day to lower the cost of space travel. The dream is also to colonise Mars where star ship is going to be the base rocket using a special type of fuel for e.g. SATURN V use the kerosene and Falcon 9 uses hydrogen as fuel. The project also aims to provide interplanetary transport. Star ship works on highly powerful reusable methalox combustion engine and it is the first full flow stage combustion rocket engine ever.

The engine has respective specification:

1. The diameter is around 1.3 m (approx..4 feet).

2. The height is 3.1m(approx. 10.2 ft).

3. It generates the massive thrust of 2MN, which is approximately 44 klbf.

Starship further aims to do its first private lunar mission, the tentative year planned for this is 2023, the mission is initisted by Yasaku Maezawa who is ready to become the first civilian passenger on a lunar starship mission. Currently, his dear moon project accepting applications to join him on his flight. The opportunity is open to only 8 civilians.

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