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In our childhood we all have, at least for once, played Monopoly the board game. Monopoly is one of the finest children games. Its been a delight for children to get the very basic idea of how businesses work and what happens when you have the Monopoly in the market.

Now we will not get into the economic aspects of game and real life but what we want to get into that Monopoly is now available in cards.

That’s right! There is a new card game called Monopoly Deal which has all the components of a Monopoly board game in the form of cards and it is much faster than board game (usually takes 15mins to complete a game).

Basic How to Play:

Monopoly Deal can be played between 2-5 people and for 6 and more people 2 packs has to be shuffled together. Game usually lasts 15 mins and to win one must complete three full sets of property (your opponents will try you don’t win, and you’ll do the same, sounds competitive right?). The game starts with shuffling the pack nicely. Every person gets five cards at the starting of game. Then game starts by keeping rest of the cards in center. This pile will be called draw pile. Game continues clockwise and during each turn a player draws two cards from draw pile and can play up to 3 cards during that turn. If you run out of cards in your hand during your turn while playing, you pick five cards on your next turn. Also, if you have more than seven cards in your hand after your turn you have to discard them at the bottom of the draw pile. You can play these cards in your hand as follows:

  • Put money cards or action cards into your bank pile. The money cards put into the bank pile can be used to pay rents, debts, birthdays etc. Just remember that if you put an action card into bank then it will be used as currency for the rest of the game i.e. once you give or receive such action cards it will go into bank and can not be used as their respective action.
  • Lay down your property sets. You can arrange your property cards down next to bank and try to complete the property set after playing appropriately during your turn. As you complete three full property sets, congratulations you’ve won the game.
  • Play action cards. Create an action pile in the center and play your action cards there. Actions are written on the cards and will be discussed below.

More details on various cards:

Action cards:

Sly Deal:

You can use this card to steal a property card from your opponent given that it should not be a part of a full set. It can also be banked at the value written on top corner.

Forced Deal:

This card can be used to swap a property from your opponent of your choice. Can also be banked.

Deal Breaker:

This can be used to steal the complete property set of your opponent. Can also be banked.

Just Say No:

Use this any time when an action card is played against you. If the player who used action card against you uses a ‘just say no’ on you ‘just say no’ then effect of yours will be canceled out i.e. no have been no-ed. This card can also be banked.

Debt Collector:

Use this to force any one to pay you 5M. Can also be banked.

It’s my Birthday:

By using this, every player will give you 2M. Can also be banked.


Using this you can charge all the players rent on the color of properties you have. If you don’t have a property of the color of rent card you can not use it to ask rent. A multicolored rent card can get you rent on any color property, but you can take rent from only one player if you use it. You can also use a double the rent card on a rent card to ask twice the amount of rent. All the rent, multicolored rent and double the rent card can be banked as money.

Pass Go:

You can use this card to pick up two more cards during you turn. You can use it more than once per turn and it can also be banked.

Property and Money cards:

You can use money cards in paying rents, debts etc. Put money cards in the bank pile to use them in game. On every property card it is mentioned that how many of those color cards make a full property set. You can use property wildcards to complete the full set. Only one swapping of wildcard is allowed per turn. All these cards have monetary value and can be used instead of money if you don’t have enough money. Only multicolor property card has no monetary value and hence this card cannot be stole or swap from you. You can put a house card on you full set to increase rent value and you can also put hotel after house to increase rent value even more.

Some more rules:

  • You can pay with money or property or a combination of both. It will be your choice how you want to pay and not your opponent’s.
  • Change is not given in the game. If you are being asked 2M and you have only one 5M then you must pay complete 5M and you won’t get 3M back.
  • If you pay with property it goes into your opponent’s property collection.
  • If you don’t have any property or money, you don’t pay at all.
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